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Backflow Preventers

& Cross Connection Controls

Serving The State Of Wisconsin

Backflow preventers keep drinking water clean.

Backflow prevention and cross connection control are critical requirements to ensuring the quality of our drinking water.

Backflow Prevention Testing
Wisconsin State Certified Backflow Prevention TestingThe state of Wisconsin has developed a program to ensure that each device gets tested as required. We are state certified and trained to test and maintain these devices. License number 1077590. You can be sure that you are getting the best service and value.

Quick & Easy
Backflow Preventer, Cross Connection ControlIt usually only takes a few minutes to set up, turn off the water, test, and record. If all goes well, and the device passes, the water will be off for about 5 minutes. If the device needs repair, that can add about ten more minutes to the process.

You can count on McCalligan Water to always provide courteous professional service. Call now to find out if your cross connection control device needs to be tested, or to set up a time for a test. (262) 754-8833