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About McCalligan Water, LLC

Trusted Wisconsin Plumbing Contractors

McCalligan Water is a local Wisconsin family owned company. The McCalligans have been providing their customers with quality water products and services for over thirty years. We do residential plumbing and remodeling work in Southeastern Wisconsin. We do commercial plumbing work, especially water filters and water softeners for car washes, institutions, and industry, throughout the entire state of Wisconsin.

Licensed Wisconsin Plumbing Contractors
License numbers 221277, 1127319, and 1077590.

Dave McCalligan

Dave McCalligan
The President of McCalligan Water, LLC, Dave has been in the business since the 70's. Remember when you could buy a brand new car for $3,000? Dave does. He's had to raise his prices a little bit since then too, but not much. When it comes to plumbing, Dave has seen it all. And, he loves a challenge. Nothing brings a smile to Dave's face faster than solving your plumbing problem and making another happy customer. Dave is a Wisconsin licensed plumber and contractor. He lives in Brookfield, Wisconsin.

Nik McCalligan

Nik McCalligan
The Manager of McCalligan Water, LLC, Nik is also Dave's son. And you thought the name was just a coincidence. Nik started helping his dad as soon as he was old enough to pick up the tool box. Well, that was decades ago. Nik is an expert in the remodeling industry. He's one of those rare people who can see the finished product before the work starts. You'll be amazed at the value you get for your dollar when Nik does your kitchen or bathroom remodeling. And, Nik will really take the time to listen to you, find out what your style is, and design a room that fits you perfectly. Nik is a lifelong resident of Wisconsin.

Perhaps you searched for "McCalligan Plumbing." You've come to the right place. The name of the company is officially McCalligan Water, LLC. Thanks for looking us up.

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